Museum on the Seam

Museum on the Seam is a unique museum situated  in Jerusalem, Israel that display modern art that deals with the different characteristics of the socio- political reality. The museum is located in the building built by Anton Baramki, an Arab-Christian architect in 1932, the building serves as a forward military out post when first controlled by the Haganah forces in 1948.  When Jerusalem was divided during 1948-1967, the place where the museum is located was called the Mandelbaum Gate, the only location for Israel and Jordan Armistice Committee meetings, the only intersection between the two sides of the divided city.

In 1999, with the bounteous support of the von Holtzbrinck family of Germany, the museum was established through the initiative of Raphie Etgar, the designer and curator of the museum and also with the Jerusalem foundation. In May 2005 to June 2008, the museum displays series of exhibitions about human rights, the second exhibition was opened in September, 2006 with the series of equal and non equal which it’s about with the work and slavery . The third exhibition, Bare Life is the last series of dealing about human rights,the disintegrating line between abnormal and normal situations was opened in the summer of 2007.

Exhibition Earth Quake was opened in 2008, which is about exploring anxiety in its local and universal contexts, Nature Nation that dealt with diverse aspects of distinctions,beliefs, ideologies, positions, social, economical and political points of departure that research the complex counter between man and environment and nature opened in May, 2009 followed by the Home Less Home exhibitions on January 10, 2010. The Right to Protest is currently showing exhibition in the museum.

The museum is open during week days, Sundays and closed during Saturdays.

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