Top 10 things to do in Arad, Israel

1.) Tel Arad National Park

Tel Arad National Park is an archaeological site with remnants of an important city from the Canaanite and Israelite periods. It is divided into a lower city and an upper hill,  a citadel and sanctuary that were constructed in the time of King David and King Solomon. It is located on the outskirts of the modern city of Arad in the south district of Israel.

2.) Masada Sound and light show

Masada Sound and Light Show takes place at the Masada National Park in Arad Israel. It is located approximately 18 kilometers south of Ein Gedi and 12 kilometers north of Ein Bokek. The cable-car is on the east (Dead Sea) side of the site.

3.) Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is located at the west of the Dead Sea shore, the lowest place in the world. It’s geographical location, abundance of water, high temperature provide a perfect and ideal conditions for a variety of plants and animals. This spectacular nature reserve has two spring-fed streams, the Arugot stream in the south and the David stream in the north with flowing water year round.

4.) Ein Bokek Arad, Israel

Ein Bokek is situated in a hotel and resort district on the shore of the Dead Sea. It has luxury hotels, spas, shopping malls, hot springs, bars and restaurants for visitors to enjoy and relax. Hotels and other establishments continue to expand to cater the growing number of tourists. The ruins and remains of Metzad Bokek, a small Roman fortress, and of an ancient partly reconstructed perfume and medicine factory are two of the Archaeological findings at Ein Bokek.

5.) Ein Gedi Antiquities National Park

Ein Gedi Antiquities National Park is located adjacent to Ein Gedi Nature Reserve Park and Arugot River and is about a kilometer north of Kibbutz Ein Gedi.The main finding here is the ruins of a synagogue from the Byzantine period. Found on the synagogue floor were five inscriptions. The subject of the inscription signifies that the Ein Gedi community was an unusual one.

6.) Tel Be’er Sheva National Park

Tel Be’er Sheva is an archaeological and a UNESCO World Heritage site located in the southern part of Israel. It is known to be the remnants of the biblical town of Be’er Sheva. With its excellent universal value, significance for the biblical period of urban planning study and its biblical history, lead the UNESCO to promote Be’er Sheva as a world heritage.

7.) Arad Visitors Centre

Arad Visitor Center is located in downtown Arad near the community center and mall. Arad is a small city that is situated near the border between the Judean Desert and Negev Desert. The city is best for hiking and looking in to the desert parts of Israel. The city is a blossoming town and founded by young Israelis mostly former Kibbutzniks and Moshavniks in 1962. The town’s development has followed a well sketched master plan.

8.) Makhtesh Ramon

Makhtesh Ramon is located 85km south of Be’ersheba at the peak of Mount Negev. It is a geological site of Israel’s Negev desert, a “makhtesh” is a valley bounded by sheer wall and shattered by a single riverbed. It may not be an impact crater from a meteor, but it is still known as the world’s largest crater. It is a stretched out heart shaped crater that is 2-10km wide and 40km long.

9.) Arad Hebrew Music Festival

The Arad Hebrew Music Festival started in the mid 1980’s. It is an annual Festival happening every summer attracting teenagers and is similar to “Woodstock”. The festival is held throughout the city of Arad. It accentuates a variety of music performances giving tribute to Israeli music. It began as a popular song festival organized for groups of song aficionados who meet regularly to sing Hebrew folk songs.

10.) Qumran National Park

Qumram National Park, where the seven Dead Sea scrolls were found was built on the eighth century BCE until the destruction of the temple in 586 BCE.  When the site was called Secaca, it was then abandoned in the second century BCE. During the Arabic period the site was named Qumran from an Arabic word meaning Crescent Moon.

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