Tractor History Museum

The Tractor History Museum, which is located in Netanya, exhibits a remarkable wide collection of tractors and other equipments used in farming during the ancient period in Netanya. Erez Milstein and his business associates established the Museum. At present, it is administered by a public organization. The Tractor History Museum has numerous donors. Banai Foundation and Hecht Foundation are the chief contributors as they maintain, operate, and manage the museum.

Its aim is to give insightful information regarding the farming methods and the instruments used by the farmers for over the past years. In addition to that, they also request farmers to share their personal anecdotes and experiences. In exchange, they give proper recognition to these contributors.

The Tractor History Museum attempts to find the origin of the farming equipments to our modern time. The Museum contains more than hundred and fifty machines and tools in agriculture that belongs to the 20th century. Obsolete machines are being restored and later exposed to the public in different exhibitions.

The Museum offers special tours and packages for families, students, and automobile lovers. You only have to pay a reasonable amount for your entrance fee and you get to enjoy other benefits such as an access for you to enjoy the amenities and other services like clean restrooms. Parking spaces for vehicles are also available.

Tractor History Museum in Netanya is indeed one of the most wonderful spots that Israel has to offer to the tourists. This extraordinary museum is rare to find since only a few countries in the world provides an entire museum devoted to farm and agricultural machineries, as well as tractors and more.

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