Jeep Trekking

Jeep Trekking nowadays in Mizpe Ramon, Israel is absolutely a great adventure and loads of fun. Lots of wonderful spots and magnificent views could be seen and visited. Mizpe Ramon started out as a camp for workers who constructed the road going to Eilat in the year 1951. In the beginning, the place remains small and struggling and considered as one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. An innovative opportunity for locating a town was to take a chance on Route 40, departing and arriving from Eilat in the south.

During the year 1960, the growth of Mizpe Ramon was badly affected by the inauguration of Route 90. After the launching of the highway, traffic was completely avoided in Mizpe Ramon. Nevertheless, the growing interest in eco tourism, hiking, improvement of Route 40 and jeep trekking have greatly progressed since the mid-1990

In Mizpe Ramon, Jeep (4×4) tours are available. Enjoy the beauty of Mizpe Ramon and take a good look at their rich history when jeep trekking. Invite your family, friends and colleagues to engage in a fun-filled adventure like Jeep trekking. The experience is truly worthwhile.

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