Netanya Beach Elevator

The Netanya Beach proudly offers a new attraction to their site, a new elevator to the sea. An extraordinary feature indeed, which is considered as the first of its kind in Israel.  The elevator goes down starting on the Promenade along the top of the cliff to the beach. The main purpose of constructing the elevator is for a more convenient and immediate access to the beach, which will only take you 20 seconds as well as the alteration in height between the city center and the seashore.

Gideon Ezra, the Minister of Tourism who launched the elevator declared, “The Ministry of Tourism has taken upon itself to provide access to tourist sites for people with special needs and handicaps. The elevator will serve the citizens of Netanya and the surrounding area, as well as tourists and vacationers in Netanya and the surrounding area, to descend to the beach speedily.” The new structure will definitely boost up the tourism in Netanya. There are no other beaches in the world that offers the same feature. In addition to that, Mrs. Miriam Fierberg-Ikar, the Mayor of Netanya stated that the town is planning to invest in tourism. In regards to this, a new promenade in the northern part of the city will be created.

The Netanya Beach Elevator offers two elevators. Each elevator contains a capacity for 30 people. For people with special needs, exclusive paths will be constructed from the elevator to the shoreline for a more suitable access.

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