Israel Puppet Theater Center

The Israel Puppet Theater Center, is home to the art of puppetry located in Holon, Isreal. It has incorporated its own puppetry school and museum 12 years ago. Last 2006,they moved to a more conventional site adding up a 150-seat auditorium for the audience to enjoy and a  library with archives to conserve and preserve the art.

The center initiates an annual event named the International Puppet Theater and Film Festival every July. It showcases different techniques of puppetry, coordinates puppetry with film-making and promotes Modern Puppetry- a mixture of the craft and acting. It also provides mini-performances from different puppeteers which are shown for free and visitors are also taught on how to create and manipulate different puppets.

Local historians have noted that the craft took hold when immigrants from Eastern Europe arrived and brought the art of puppet-making to this desert land once called Palestine.

Over the ages, puppetry has grown and developed in Holon. The center has been very successful in its advocacy of promoting and conserving their well-beloved craft – which is also emphasized to have therapeutic abilities.

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