Holon Story Gardens

The Story Gardens of Holon is the only story-telling park in Israel. It is a very unique park intended to enrich a child’s imagination and interest to some of the most famous children’s stories. The park also enhances the awareness and love of every child and visitor regarding children’s literature.

There are currently a total of thirty-one story gardens spread out in the different neighborhoods and areas around Holon. Life-size sculptures are placed on the gardens surrounded with benches,  formed bushes and playground equipment for kids and kids at heart.

The gardens are actually part of Holon’s major goal of transforming the city into a national center for cultural arts for families and children. There are numerous  sculptures placed on different landmarks of the city, like museums, main boulevards and public gardens.

Two unique clusters compose the gardens. The first is on Motta Gur st., which has included eight gardens in it. The second,having four more,  is located in Hurshat Hayovel or “Jubilee Grove”.

In the Jesse Cohen neighborhood, the “Little Prince” Garden is found. It is the first story garden constructed in 2002. Among the famous story sculptures established along the years include “Soul Bird”, “Shmulikipod”(Shmuel the Hedgehog) and “Where is Pluto”.

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