Railway Museum

Railway Museum in Haifa, Israel is situated in the old Haifa- East Railway Station on Hativat Golani Road near the Kikka Feisal in Haifa, perfectly on and around the beautiful Mount Carmel. It is a museum that study the history of all aspects of rail related transportation, like railway cars, railway vehicle( steam, diesel, and electric ) trams and a system used to control railway traffic safely equipment. It is considered as one of the capital tourist attractions in Haifa.

In Railway Museum, tourist will witness the evolution of railway transport in Israel along with the rail links of neighboring countries since 1892. It also explains what are the nowadays functions of the railroad transport systems in all kinds of operations. One of the major attractions of the museum are the Ambulance coach no. 4720 built for the Egyptian State Railway in 1893 at Belgium used in carrying the soldiers with wounds from the front line during World War I. Another one is the Narrow gauge Hedjaz Railway 0-6-0 tank locomotive No. 10built by Krauss in 1902 at Germany and the Saloon coach No. 98 built in England in 1922 wherein officers used Palestine Railways. The present building was rebuilt for its exhibition purpose in the year 2000.

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