Independence Hall Museum

Independence Hall Museum stood firm and steadfast in the historic Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, Israel. This hall symbolizes the unwavering and unbendable faith and strength of Israel under years of tyranny, persecution and sufferings. In this very hall, in May 14, 1948, Friday at exactly 4 pm, the first Israeli Prime Minister Ben-Gurion declared the institution of the State of Israel in the presence of the members of the Jewish National Council called the Vaad Leumi, and the leaders of the Jewish community. It was at that time that the declining British mandate was due to conclude.

After the emotional lines were taken and read from the declaration of independence, Rabbi Fishman-Maimon recited the Jewish blessing of thanksgiving called the Sheheheyanu and members of the People’s Council and Executive signed the scroll of the Declaration of Independence. The ceremony concluded with the singing of “Hatikva.”

Original collections still exists in the exhibits; some assemblage was recreated in great precision to maintain the originality of the pieces. Experiencing the gathering of these artifacts transports guests back to that incredible event. List of names of those that took part in the 1948 ceremony are on the dais and chairs; Herzl’s portrait hangs above center stage, amids the two long Israeli flags. Most of the pictures displayed at the time, part of the Tel Aviv Museum’s collection from the day the state was declared, remain on the walls. In the corner there are an assortment of items associated with the ceremony like documents, invitations, recording and broadcasting equipment, memos and more.

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