Golden Gate

Golden Gate in Jerusalem is located on the eastern wall at the foot of Temple Mount, facing the western slope of the Mount of Olives crossing the Kidron Valley wherein you’ll find the Garden of Gethsemane, famous first century tombs and the way to Jericho and Bethany. The oldest, most famous and one of the few sealed gates in Jerusalem’s Old City Gates. There are 11 gates surrounds the Jerusalem’s Old City Walls, 7 gates of which are open, the Dung, St. Stephen’s (Lions’), Jaffa, Zion, Damascus (Shechem), Herod’s and New.

It was originally built by Byzantine rulers or the earliest Arab conquerors during the 640 CE, in the seventh century during the period of Muslims, the gate was used by Turks. A cemetery was built in front of the gate beside the walls, for it is prohibited for the high priest to go through a cemetery. According to the Christians, Jesus walked through the golden gate, and sealed it in1541 A.D. in order to avoid Messiah in entering the gate. The gate is opened twice a year during the Holy Cross celebration in March and Palm Sunday.

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