1868 Restaurant

The 1868 restaurant opened it’s doors to the public in 2004. The location seemed flawless, which is set to cater the tourist and guests from the deluxe King David and David Citadel hotels across the street. Steps away from the restaurant is the newly built Mamilla shopping center, just a short walk from the old city, on the busy streets of King David.The building that houses the restaurant was the first stone house built outside Jerusalem’s Old City wall which was constructed in 1868, thus inspired the name of the restaurant 1868.

As you walk in, a welcoming feel of refined hominess with a glimpse of royal accommodations greets guests. Great food plus gorgeous architectural design of the dome like ceilings and the arched doorway, plus candle lights, paintings and classic music concludes in an impeccable dining experience.

This historical edifice reflects countless memories of peoples past and events which brought their traditions and culinary experience  a step further and created, evolved a new Jerusalem cuisine.The restaurants chef’s Jacob Turjeman and Tomer Reuveni blend tradition with innovation, combining the flavors that compliments the fuse of  Jerusalem’s raw-materials and techniques of defined cooking of French fare. 1868 is considered one, if not, the best gourmet kosher restaurant in the world.

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