Ramparts Walk

Jerusalem is a promised land,bursting with infinite tales of history and culture. A city filled with stunning views and awe-inspiring landscapes and scenery. Truly, Jerusalem has much to offer the adventurous and dauntless tourist who seeks inspirations in this ancient civilization, but in the category of jaw dropping views, Ramparts walk is considered one of the best.

Atop the lofty surrounding walls of the Old City are ramparts, which are inspired by the design fusion and architectural genius of the medieval and Middle Eastern. Originally part of the defense of the city and now a great walk for looking and peering the vast vista which is Jerusalem.

Built by Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16th century, the rampart were used as vantage point for Jordanian snipers  from which to shoot at Israelis living outside the walls. A stone’s throw away either from behind the Tower of David across from Jaffa Gate or from Damascus Gate, the Ramparts Walk winds along the top of the walls,providing rare glimpse and picturesque views of Yemin Moshe and west Jerusalem, several major Old City Christian churches including the Church of the Dormition, a exceptional view inside the cloistered Armenian Quarter, the Valley of Hinnom, the Judean Desert and more.

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