Avraham Shapira’s House

Avraham Shapira’s House was constructed in the year 1905-1907 in Petah Tikva. The structure was made out of limestones. In the house, you can see two balconies, one at the front and the other to the rear. Aside from that, the house also included a living room plus a big door, which directed to the dining room. Four bedrooms are located from its two sides. This is where the family of Shapira slept, as well as their grandchildren. At the exterior part of the edifice, it had a statue of Avraham Shapira and his horse.

During the ancient times, Avraham Shapira was regarded as the guardian of Petah Tikva. He was born in the year 1870 and died in 1965. The children of Baron Rothschild donated the place to the public. At present, his house serves as a library as well as a place for cultural events. The rear part of Shapira’s house is utilized as a school.

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