Hai-Kef Zoo in LeZion

The Hai-Kef Zoo is located in Rishon Le Zion near the Tel Aviv district. It is a very environmental-friendly place regularly visited by different groups of people from all ages.

A clean and green place surrounded by desert sand, Hai-Kef zoo creates wildlife in Rishon Le Zion. Animals from different sizes and classes can be seen in the site. Colorful birds give amusement to the visitors. Different mammals like elephants, horses, hippos, lions and etc. are also a fun watch in Hai-Kef.

Different environmentalists and animal experts also conduct their studies and research in Hai-Kef. They study the behavior, ways of living and survival instincts of these living creatures. They also make sure that all the animals housed in the zoo are in good shape.

The famous lion, Samson, who had  had a brain surgery, is also taken-cared of by the zoo staff. The Hebrew University performed the surgery, which is a very rare medial attempt for animals, saving the “Jungle King’s” life. He was brought back to the zoo after the recovery with sister Delilah.

The zoo is indeed a great place with a great heart, not only giving entertainment to its visitors but a safe home to its own animals.

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