Rishon Le Zion Winery

Carmel Winery is an ancient vineyard and winery in Israel with a total of 1,400 hectares from the Land of Israel to the north of the upper part of Galilee, to the south of Negev.  Edmond James de Rothschild established it in the year 1882.  The winery produces primarily wine, grape juice, spirits and brandy.  Furthermore, it is also the major producer of kosher wine in the world.  The company owns two of the major wineries in Israel. The Zichron Ya’acov, south of Haifa and Rishon Le Zion, which is situated in the city of Rishon LeZion. Rothschild built deep underground cellars on the wineries in 19th century.

Rishon Le Zion Winery is the first winery and head office in Carmel. It is built in 1890 and considered as the oldest industrial building in Israel and still operates up to the present. Rishon Le Zion Winery is the first institution in Israel to establish electricity and telephone. David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister used to work in the company. The winery had undergone renovations in the year 1990.

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