Ein Gedi Spa

Ein Gedi Spa in Jerusalem is perfectly located at the foot of the Judean Hills to the west, and adjacent to the Mount of Moab, on the shores of the dead sea at the lowest point on Earth. As the waters of the Dead Sea subsides, earth’s lowest point continue to get lower and lower, now a days it’s 1360below sea level. The Ein Gedi Spa has the most leading percentage of bromine in the world, both in water or air, with minerals thathelps relax nervous system and reduces blood pressure.

The Ein Gedi Spa offers modern facility that gives unique combination of relaxation and health. One thing in this place that people will always do and love is coating their selves with muds into their bodies before or after taking the a bath in the beach. It is known that mud is rich in minerals that very effective in cosmetic treatment as well as medicinal property. The place also has restaurants, fresh water pool, and a picnic area for tourists to enjoy with.

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