Top things to do in Ashdod, Israel

1.) Ashdod Nitzanim Sand Dune Park

Ashdod Nitzanim Sand Dune Park is a unique psammosere ecosystem situated in the nearby city of Ashdod, extending over at about 3,000 acres amid the Mediterranean Sea towards the west and agricultural areas to the east, and between the waterway to the south, which is the Avtach and to the north, connecting to the city of Ashdod.

2.) Ashdod Museum of Art-Monart Centre

The Ashdod Museum of Art Monart Centre displays Israeli and works of contemporary art from around the world. The museum is located right in the heart of the city, close to the central bus station and the city hall, enjoying a breathtaking view of the Ashdod marina. The Museum was opened in the year 2003, and it is considered as a part of the Monart Center for the Arts.

3.) Beit Hativat Givati Museum

The Beit Hativat Givati Museum has a very rich and remarkable history. It is in this exact place where the final battle in the War for Independence took place. The epic deeds of the soldiers can be viewed through their collection of displays. The exhibits tell us how the War of Independence started and how it ended, as well as other interesting facts.

4.) Corinne Maman Ashdod Museum

The Corrine Maman Ashdod Museum is said to be the leading museum of the Philistines all throughout the world. Inside its 450 square meter site, you could see wide varieties of artifacts demonstrating the interesting culture and history of the Philistines. The outstanding architectural design of the place tells a story of Ashdod’s history as well as the varying art exhibits of Israeli artists.

5.) Blue Marina

The Blue Marina, which is situated in close proximity to the heart of the city in the center of the beach zone in Ashdod, is one of the latest marinas in Israel. Its latitude is 31° 48″ N and a Longitude of 34° 37″ E. The Marina has a very wide space for vessels to dock or anchor. At present, it has four berths that could accommodate practically 550 crafts. The neighboring area is being widely developed. Soon, there will be synthetic lakes, hotels, promenades and restaurants.

6.) Keshatot Beach

The Keshatot Beach is one of the famous beaches in the city of Ashdod. If you want to pamper yourself, relax, unwind, enjoy and free yourself from a day of stress, then this beach is suitable for you. There are multiple of water activities to do at Keshatot like diving, sailing and surfing. Having a perfect sunny weather, taking a dip at the beach would be perfect while enjoying the heat.

7.) Ashdod Sea Mall

Ashdod Sea Mall is considered as the biggest shopping mall that was built in Ashdod. It was launched approximately two years ago. The architectural design of the mall is amazing since it looks small from the outside. However, when you check it inside, you would be surprised how vast it is. The Ashdod Sea Mall is now acclaimed as the most successful shopping center, next to the Lev Ashdod Center.

8.) Tel Lachish

Tel Lachish in Ashdod is considered as the second most significant city in Judah’s kingdom in the south. It is taken into the biblical account its battle encounters of Sennacherib, Nebuchadnezzar and Joshua. At first, Tel Lachish is recognized by Albright as “Lachish” in the year 1929. Leslie Starkey first unearthed it in 1932-1938 and in the year 1973-1987 by the Tel Aviv University. The Israel Antiquities Authority owned the tell which they acquired from the British people who bought the place for the purpose of excavation.

9.) Lachish Stream Promenade

Lachish Stream Promenade is located in the northwestern part of Ashdod. This place is perfect for taking long and relaxing walk while admiring the breathtaking scenery. With shady trees and a very clean surrounding, you would definitely enjoy the area. You could also go biking or jogging along with a group of friends or families. If you are not in the mood for any of those activities, you can just sit at the bench and read a book.

10.) Ad Halom Park

The Ad Halom Park is located in the southeastern part of the town in Ashdod. This place has a rich historical significance way back in the ancient times where dozens of IDF soldiers, fought bravely in some of the most brutal wars in the IDF history. During the course of the war, many brave soldiers lost their lives. To pay tribute to them, Park Ad Halom serves as a war memorial to the soldiers, whose names were engraved on it.

11.) Marina Beach

Marina Beach is one of the popular beaches found in the city of Ashdod. The white sand and sparkling blue water is very inviting. You would be amazed how clean the surroundings are. Relaxing and unwinding in Marina Beach is the best way to relieve yourself from stress. Any forms of relaxation like lying down on the white sand while reading a book, getting a tan or just dozing off is perfect.

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