Timna National Park

Timna National Park is one of the best landmarks and tourist destinations in Israel, situated 25 km. North of Eilat. The park covers some 60 km square of picturesque and breathtaking sight of endless sea of sand and multicolored desert views of landscapes and rock formations.

This scenic valley entails primeval mining shafts and remains of copper melting furnaces left behind by ancient Egyptian civilization, and furnished with the red volcanic Mt. Timna at its center and peculiar sandstone monolith formations in a shape of a mushroom tailored and formed by natures wind and water. Other Stunning phenomena that enveloped this geological canvass is the stunning Solomon’s Pillars and the intriguing natural archs.

Organized Hiking, walking and climbing are being offered for outdoor enthusiasts. There is also a lake attraction with paddle boats for the whole family to enjoy. At night magical secrets are revealed with the astonishing lighting that are being illuminated that silhouettes the mountains, which brings life to the stories of old.

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