German Colony in Jerusalem

The German Colony is a vicinity, located in southern Jerusalem and spreads out from both sides of Emek Refaim street. It is formed in Israel during the second half of the 19th century by the affiliates of the Templar Society known as the Templars.  They are mainly farmers who belong to a German Christian group. The colony was constructed in a German village style with thatched rooftops of cypress wood and pine, lots of greenery and narrow streets.  However, instead of using woods and bricks, they used native stones to build the houses. Today, the German Colony in Jerusalem is widely known as “Moshava”.

In 1975, the Colony was proclaimed a historical spot for the reason of preserving its one-of-a kind scenery.  The German Colony in Jerusalem is such a splendid sight to look at.  With its delightful features of green gardens and fields of trees, this place is simply spectacular.

Today, Emek Refaim’s main street is considered as one of the most famous streets in Jerusalem.  One would find trendy boutiques, classy restaurants and coffee shops that are definitely eye-catching.  There are a lot of places to visit when you are in the colony.  There are cultural spots like the Islamic Museum, Natural Science Museum and the Jerusalem Theater.  There are also two high schools, an elementary school and pre schools of all divisions, medical and community centers, and several synagogues.

With its fast-growing pace, no wonder that the German Colony is now greatly occupied by upper-class Israelis and Americans.

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