Haifa Educational Zoo

Haifa Educational Zoo in Israel is perfectly located in the lower part of the northern Lotem River, and one of the most magnificent nature reserves in Mount Carmel. Founded in 1949 and named after the late Louis Ariel Goldschmidt. The contemporary, well equipped facilities of the newly renovated zoo house with a different kinds of animals and with clear signs and many additional services.

The Haifa Educational Zoo will surely change your entire insight of a zoo, wherein as you enter the zoo you will see that you are just like in the middle of a forest with wild animals that are not harmful. Animals wild and not, are no longer put behind thick walls and grills but in the new cages that visitors can go much closer.

It is counted as one of the most modern zoos in the world with wild collection of reptile, including one of the largest collections of reptiles in Israel, mammals, Nile crocodiles and some of the rarest species can be found at the Haifa Educational School. A part of the zoo has been designed for the children where in there are harmless animals like rabbits, hamsters, birds, small deer and even small reptiles that children are allowed to feed this various animals.

With a wide collection of captivating animals with fascinating trees and plants, tourists with their children will surely have a great time visiting the zoo with its most wonderful sights.

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