Bingo Game for Chanukah

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Bingo game is a fun activity that the family will enjoy during Chanukah. A Chanukah bingo game is also a great way to explain this Jewish festival. Creating your own Chanukah bingo card is easy. For this project, we will be utilizing computer office applications to create the bingo cards.

  • Using Microsoft Word application, create a new Word document.
  • Configure the margins and paper orientations by selecting Page Setup.
  • Choose the landscape form for this file and create two columns.
  • Using the “insert table” command, create a table having 6 rows and 5 columns.
  • Type BINGO on top of the table, or you can have a Chanukah themed table by typing LIGHT instead of BINGO.
  • Put Chanukah inspired images in each space inside the table.
  • Type the word FREE in the center or middle square.
  • Save your bingo card.
  • Using blue paper print your bingo card.
  • Use different Chanukah images and rearrange them in different order.
  • Print the remaining bingo cards.
  • You can now start playing your Chanukah bingo game by shading squares in a set pattern. Be more creative. Instead of calling out numbers, you can ask questions related to the holiday.

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