Decorating Your Home with Chanukah Symbols

Chanukah is a famous holiday celebrated by all Jewish people in the world. As the holiday approaches, it is time for families to once again decorate with different Jewish symbols such as the menorah, dreidels and evergreens to kick off the Chanukah mood in their homes.

  • Chanukah is a grand and special celebration so make your decorations as beautiful and impressive as possible. Arrange a grandiose display of evergreens, menorah, dreidels and chocolate gelts across the mantel of your home’s fireplace.
  • Put a beautiful blue and white table cloth on your dining table. Match this with blue and white cloth napkins and the finest of your chinaware and silverware to create a festive mood. Place a Chanukah menorah at the center of the dining table.
  • Hang blue and white curtains in your windows. Display blue and white candles.
  • Hang blue and white colored lights outside your home.
  • Decorate your home with a big Star of David. Hang them on your entrance door.

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