How to Locate a Local Synagogue

A synagogue is a Jewish house of prayer. The synagogue is also a beit midrash (house of study). Synagogues have libraries where members of the Jewish community come to study. Many religious and non- religious activities are also held in synagogues. Finding a local synagogue is easy when you know where to start your search.

  • With the advent of the internet, looking for a local synagogue is easier. You can do an online search for the nearest synagogue. You can also look through the phone directory.
  • Judaism has a number of congregations. Decide whether you would like to go to Conservative, Orthodox, Reconstructionists or Reform synagogues.
  • Seek the assistance of your friends and people from your locality. Speak to them about the whereabouts of local synagogues.
  • Visit the synagogue and participate in their prayer services. It is important to have a personal feel of the congregation and their practice. Go to as many synagogues as possible in your area so you would know which is right for you.

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