How to Dispose a Damaged Torah Properly

The Torah is one of the most sacred objects in the Jewish religion. The highest ideal of all Jews is Torah study. Unlike ordinary books, a damaged Torah cannot just be thrown away. It should be treated with respect and buried in a cemetery.

  • Seek the advice of an expert sofer to determine whether the scroll can still be repaired. You can get in touch with a sofer through your local synagogue.
  • If you need to transport the Torah to the sofer, handle it with much respect by wrapping it in its mantle or a prayer shawl. It is also customary not to touch the parchment.
  • Once the sofer determines that the scroll is impossible to repair, do not use the Torah for prayer services anymore. Keep the scroll in a clean and secure shelf or cabinet until its burial. You can ask burial assistance from the sofer.
  • There is no special burial ceremony for the Torah scroll. You can take it directly into the cemetery and have it buried.

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