How to Wear a Tallit Properly

A tallit is a Jewish prayer shawl worn during Shacharit, Shabbat, and Jewish holidays.  The tallit is usually made of wool or silk and is knotted on its four corners in accordance with the commandments of the Torah . The Jewish prayer shawl is an important symbol of Judaism and should be worn properly according to Jewish laws

  • Open the tallit in a way that the embroidered blessing is facing you.
  • Before putting on a tallit, say the following prayer: “Blessed are you, Oh Eternal God, Ruler of the universe, who has sanctified us with your commandments, and commanded us to wrap ourselves in the fringed garment. “
  • Kiss the end of the collar where the last word of the blessing is found as well as the first word of the embroidered blessing.
  • Hold the prayer shawl in front of you. Put it over your head and make sure that both sides have parallel lengths. The tallit should be worn over your clothes.
  • The tallit is worn when making an Aliyah or the blessing said before reading a section of the Torah.
  • Do not wear the prayer shawl when inside a restroom.
  • The prayer shawl is also worn during the evening Kol Nidre service of Yom Kippur, evening service of Simchat Torah, and Friday services wherein the Torah will be read.

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