How to Behave Inside the Jewish Synagogue

Learning how to behave properly when inside the Jewish house of prayer and worship is very essential especially if it is your first time inside the synagogue.

  • Dressing for a prayer service in the synagogue is the same as dressing up for other churches. Wear a nice formal dress. Men should wear their yarmulke (skullcap). Married women should put on a head covering (usually made of lace). Non-Jews should not wear a tallit (prayer shawl).
  • Stand whenever the Ark (an edifice holding the torah) is open and every time the Torah is carried to and from the Ark.
  • Never put holy books into the floor. Place it in your lap or in book holders found in the seats.
  • Participate in the Jewish service. It is best to learn the Jewish liturgy prior to attending the prayer service to have a grasp of what is going on.
  • Turn off your phone and avoid unnecessary activities inside the synagogue.

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