Jewish Clothing – A Way of Life

Jews put great importance in dressing appropriately especially during prayer services. Clothing plays a significant role in Judaism. Jewish clothing provides religious identity and social status. The Torah forbids making garment by combining wool and linen. The Torah also requires putting fringes on the four corners of the tallit or prayer shawl as a reminder of the importance of observing mitzvot.

The Torah provides rules regarding the clothing worn by high priests. A High Priest’s garment is usually elaborate and colorful except during Yom Kippur when he is required to wear only white clothing as a sign of humility.

Dressing appropriately when attending services in synagogues is a way of showing respect to God and the Jewish religion. Aside from dressing modestly which is prescribed by the Jewish law, many observant Jews put on head coverings. Women are required to dress modestly and to cover their heads. A yarmulke or skullcap is worn by Jewish men when attending synagogue services and during study.  Some even wear skullcap all the time as a way of showing reverence to God. Jewish women wear hats or scarves during prayer services. Back in the old days, a woman who does not cover her head is considered immoral. This custom is very important especially for married women.

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