Proper Care of the Torah and Other Religious Books

Proper care of Torah will definitely extend the life of these sacred scrolls. Careful use of the Torah is also a sign of respect to God and his teachings. It is therefore important to take good care of the Torah as well as other religious articles.

  • Keep the Torah and other Jewish prayer books in a clean shelf, away from dust or any elements that may destroy these sacred books.
  • When picking up the Torah which has fallen to the ground, show respect to God’s teaching by kissing it. One should also kiss the Torah after reading it.
  • When using the Torah, handle it carefully and avoid shaking the sacred book. It is also forbidden to throw the sacred book. Do not lay them on the floor. Never hit anyone using these sacred books.
  • Place the sacred book right side up. If you have to leave the room in the middle of your Torah study, you should not leave the book open.
  • Using the Torah and other religious books for other purposes is forbidden. Do not use religious books as sunshade or as line marker. Do not hide anything inside the Torah.

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