Greeting Jewish Family and Friends on Passover

Passover is a widely celebrated Jewish holiday. It is a holy day commemorating the story of Exodus in which ancient Jews were freed from Egypt. A seder is a part of the celebration. The Passover Seder is when the family gathers together and enjoy a festive meal. It is also a great time to catch up and greet friends and relatives. Here are some ways to greet Jewish friends during Passover.

  • Greet everyone a “Happy Pesach.” Pesach means Passover when translated to Hebrew.
  • You can simply greet people a plain and simple “Happy Passover.”
  • You can also greet your Jewish friends a “Gut Yontiff,” which literally means good holiday. This can also be used to greet for any other holiday.
  • Most importantly, always consider the sincerity of your greetings. You can greet your friends in any way you want and add a pinch of sincerity to it.

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