hanukkah and generosity

Hanukkah and Generosity

Hanukkah is a time of giving. It is during this time of the year that we give gifts to friends and share our blessings to our favorite charity. You don’t have to go far if you want to show generosity and share your blessings this holiday season. You can start your good deed within your community. Here’s how.

  • Give gelt to children within your community. You will certainly make a kid happy this Hanukkah by giving him or her a nice toy.
  • Invite some neighbors to a Hanukkah dinner. Cook special Hanukkah foods and prepare the best wine for your guests.
  • Offer to do an errand for a neighbor.
  • This Hanukkah, pray for other people. Prayer is definitely the best gift that you can give to other people during Hanukkah.
  • Greet everyone a Happy Hanukkah!

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