Have a Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!

Hanukkah is celebrated by Jews. Christmas is celebrated by Christians. But what about interfaith families? Combining holiday traditions is a fun way to celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. This is a good way to unite family members of different religious traditions.

  • Decorate both for Christmas and Hanukkah. Prepare the Hanukkah menorah and light it during the eight days of Hanukkah. Hang a Hanukkah wreath outside your door. Adorn your wreath with mini Star of David and laces in blue and white. At the same time, put up a Christmas tree. Decorate your tree with Christmas decors. You can also hang Jewish symbols on your tree.
  • Prepare Hanukkah specialties like latkes, sufganiyot and briskets. Bake fruitcakes and snowman cookies which are popular Christmas foods.
  • Give chocolate gelts and Christmas candy canes to children.
  • Give gifts both during Hanukkah and Christmas.
  • Play Hanukkah and Christmas songs.
  • Whether its Christmas or Hanukkah, it is important to share your blessings to the needy. After all it’s what all these holidays are all about – spreading happiness and love and becoming an inspiration to everyone.

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