Decorating a Hanukkah Bush

Make your Hanukkah more special by creating your very own Hanukkah bush. A Hanukkah bush is a small tree decorated with ornaments. A Hanukkah bush is similar to a Christmas tree but reflects the Jewish tradition.

  • Choose a bush. Some people use bush shaped plants, while others pick a full size tree. Artificial Hanukkah trees can also be bought online.
  • Cover your tree with colorful lights. Drape lights in white and blue around your bush.
  • Hang beautiful Hanukkah themed ornaments. You can cut decorative papers to shapes of Menorahs, Dreidels and stars of David. Ask your kids to decorate these ornaments with glitters. You can also use other materials like clays, yarns and beads.
  • Top your tree with a large silver bow or a big star of David.

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