Kosher Labeling: How to Make Your Product Kosher Certified

It is a commandment in Judaism to ensure that everything we eat is according to the Jewish Dietary Guidelines. Kosher labeling is one way to determine whether the food we will buy is kosher or not.

For your food products to be kosher, you will have to obtain a kosher certification from a Kosher Certification agency.

  • Choose an agency that provides kosher certification. There are around 500 kosher certification agencies in the United States. Check the prices. Look for a company that’s within your locality to make communications and application processing easier.
  • A representative/rabbi from the company will visit your kitchen or production area. He will examine whether your kitchen is kosher or if you need to change something to make your production area kosher.
  • Follow the requirements for keeping kosher. Abide with the company’s policies to have your product certified. The rabbi will usually visit you again (unannounced) to make sure that you are following kosher guidelines.
  • Sign the certification contract and pay the certification fee. The certification will now give you the right to mark your product as kosher.

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