How to Organize a Hanukkah Children’s Party

Hanukkah is a celebration of our Jewish heritage. It is a holiday that is often combined with modern traditions that sometimes its real essence is neglected. Explaining to children the essence of Hanukkah is important. For them to truly appreciate Hanukkah and their Jewish heritage, we have to explain to them what Hanukkah is and why we are celebrating it. One way to do this is by organizing a Hanukkah kid’s party.

  • Organize activities for the party that won’t require a lot of the kids’ attention. Kids, by nature have short attention span so it is best to avoid activities that will bore them. Come up with interesting games that is Hanukkah related.
  • Decorate the venue with colorful Hanukkah symbols like the dreidels, gold and silver chocolate gelts, a Hanukkah menorah made from construction papers and glitters. You can also set up a Hanukkah bush decorated with Star of David miniatures.
  • Ask the guests to bring Hanukkah greeting cards. You can also have this as an activity during the party. Prepare the supplies needed and ask the kids to create their own hand-crafted greeting cards.
  • Prepare Hanukkah kids’ songs for the party. You can also arrange a short program in which the kids can participate like sing Hanukkah songs together.
  • Never forget the party favors! Kids always look forward to receiving them.

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