Chanukah Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are great gifts for the special holiday of Chanukah. Challenge your creative side and make a themed gift basket. Your Chanukah gift basket can contain different items depending on the personality of the recipient.

  • First, you must look around for a beautiful gift basket. Add accessories to your basket that are Chanukah related like candles or foil-wrapped chocolate coins (gelt).
  • Select a few food items for your gift basket. Choose kosher items that won’t require refrigeration like wine, chocolates, dried fruits and nuts, tea or coffee, homemade cookies or popcorn kernels.
  • To give a more impactful theme to your Chanukah gift basket, choose items that are made in Israel like halvah, candles, perfumes made in Israel, menorahs, hamsa, or Dead Sea salt.
  • Arrange these items into your gift basket.
  • Use a colorful cellophane wrap to hold the basket together and tie it with a blue and white ribbon.
  • Add a gift card and write a wonderful Chanukah message to the recipient.

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