Gifts for a Jewish Engagement Party

A Jewish engagement is an important Jewish event in a to-be-married couple’s life.  The engagement party usually follows after the Te’naim (signing of a pre-Ketubah contract which sets out the terms of marriage). A Jewish engagement party is a good time to bring together the families and friends of the bride and groom. The party can be a great avenue to discuss the wedding plans and to get to know each other’s family backgrounds and Jewish traditions. Most of all, it is an opportunity to celebrate the upcoming wedding.

As a guest, it is appropriate to bring with you a gift for the couple. Choosing a gift for the engagement party is somehow similar to choosing a gift for the wedding. You can give a gift that has religious significance or something that fits the couple’s hobbies, interests and lifestyle.

Marriage is a union of two souls in love. To signify this love, you can buy matching bracelets or necklaces with the word ahava, a Hebrew word which means “love.” Many Judaica stores offer ahava designed items like mezuzahs and picture frames.

The future husband and wife will need assistance as they set up their home. To help them build their new life together, give them kitchen tools, home decors and other Jewish items. Choose items that will help them continue their Jewish traditions like Jewish cookbooks, a set of chinaware for exclusive use during Passover or Shabbat, a menorah, and Shabbat candles.

Another great engagement party gift is a basket of kosher items. Many kosher baskets can be bought in groceries but you can also make your own food basket.  Pick the couple’s favorite food items and prepare some homemade goodies. The couple will surely be delighted with your gift and will thank you for making their engagement party extra special.

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