Bar and Bat Mitzvah Gift Giving Ideas

Like birthdays and other celebrations, a Bar ot Bat Mitzvah is an occasion to give gifts. Religious books, gift certificates or money are some of the most common gifts given to the celebrant.  Choose gifts that are appropriate for a 13 year old boy or a 12 year old girl.

  • Giving money to the celebrant as a gift is common. Cash gifts in multiples of 18 is considered lucky. The 8th and 10th letters in the Hebrew alphabet spell chai which means life.
  • A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a stage of transition giving them the privilege of participating in all areas of Jewish community life. Look for gifts that will symbolize their ’coming of age.’
  • Consider the celebrant’s taste when choosing a gift. Some celebrants may appreciate traditional gifts yet many children nowadays prefer a more modern present. Ask the parents or the celebrant’s closest friends for gift ideas. You can give a CD collection of his or her favorite recording artist, a Kindle, Amazon gift cards, an iPod or iPhone, a new laptop, a new pair of running shoes, or colognes and perfumes.
  • You can also give gifts of spiritual significance like a well-crafted Kiddush cup, a prayer shawl, yarmulke, a silver Merkaba necklace, and a star of David picture frame.
  • Write a personalized greeting card to go with your present.

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