Best Gifts for the Jewish Mom

Your mom is celebrating her birthday and you have no idea what to give her. She seems to have everything she needs.

Every mom’s birthday is a perfect time to express the love and appreciation you have for your mother. More often than not, Jewish gifts specifically made for moms are hard to find but with a little creativity, you will find out that finding the perfect gift for mom’s birthday is easy.

Go Religious

Find items with Jewish significance like candlesticks which are perfect during Sabbath. Jewish women light candles to usher in the Sabbath. In addition, you can also look for candelabra to go with the candlesticks. Other great religious items you can give to your mom are challah covers and mikveh bags.

Go Personal

Why not get your mom a homemade gift basket. If you choose to give your mom a gift basket, the fist thing you should consider is her interest. Is she fond of sewing? Why not give her a gift basket full of sewing materials like needles, patterns, yarns, colorful threads, and cloth. Is she someone with a sweet tooth? Give her a gift basket of chocolates, cookies and other pastries. The choices are limitless and will depend on your mom’s personality.

Go Unconventional

Look for unique gifts that your mom will love like funny Jewish shirts or a customized miniature replica of your mom. There are actually lots of shops online that offer this kind of stuff. Use your imagination to decide on the best gift that you can give your mom on her very special day.

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