A Deeper Understanding of The Star of David

The Star of David is made up of two triangles which are superimposed over each other and is one of the most popular Jewish symbols. You will see this symbol on mezuzahs, kipot and menorahs but apart from it being a Jewish symbol, what do we really understand about the Star of David?

In Hebrew, the Star of David is known as Magen David or the Shield of David. It is widely recognized as a symbol of Judaism. The six points of this symbol represents God’s dominance over the universe, in all six directions: north, south, east, west, up and down. The six-pointed symbol embodies the spiritual dimension which is encompassed by the six universal directions.The Star of David also serves as a reminder that King David won his battle not through his own strength but through the power of God.

There are many ideas attached to the significance of the Star of David. Some Kabbalists use the Star of David to represent the two natures of human beings – good and bad. The star is believed to protect a person from evil spirits.

Some people note that the interlocking symbol has 12 sides and not six. The 12 sides are associated with the twelve tribes of Israel.

This symbol also serves as a painful reminder of the Holocaust when the Nazis forced the Jews to wear a yellow colored Star of David as  a method of identifying them.

In conclusion, the Star of David is an important Jewish symbol that identifies our colorful religious history. The Star of David also serves as a reminder of our strong faith in God.

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