Chanukah and Tzedakah

Chanukah is a time to give gifts to our loved ones. Chanukah is a special holiday which is often celebrated with dreidel games and lively parties. For many Jewish parents, the Festival of Lights is also the perfect time to teach their children generosity and to share blessings received by God.

Some families give tzedakah boxes to their children to teach the importance of generosity and the value of doing acts of goodness to others– a trait which is fundamental to Jewish culture.

There are many simple ways you can show generosity to your community during Chanukah. One way is to offer help to friends who may be in need (making errands or doing a chore). Chanukah is also a good time to volunteer at a homeless shelter and spend time with the less fortunate. You can donate money, old clothes or food. Ask your children to donate their old toys to poor children’s organizations. One of the best ways to promote giving and the spirit of charity is to dedicate the sixth night of candle lighting to prayers for the poor.  Donate the money which is intended for gift-giving to the charity. Encourage your children to support a particular charitable organization.

Celebrate Chanukah with a cause and promote the spirit of giving and compassion.

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