How to Apply Conservative Judaism Into Your Life

Conservative Judaism is a branch of Judaism that believes in the truthfulness of Jewish scriptures, but that these writings were transmitted to human and, therefore, have human component. Conservative Judaism views Halakha as binding yet emphasizes a non- fundamentalist teaching of the Jewish faith. To practice Conservative Judaism, you will have to study its foundations and beliefs.

  • Engage in an in-depth study of Conservative Judaism. An official statement of principles called Emet-Ve Emunah: Statement of Principles of Conservative Judaism was issued by the Leadership Council of Conservative Judaism in 1988. This statement affirms the Conservative Jews’ faith in God and on the divine inspiration of the Torah. Emet-Ve Emunah also expresses their belief on the idea of flexibility of Jewish laws while being observant to Judaism’s values.
  • Learn the objectives of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. USJC is the primary organization of synagogues observing Conservative Judaism in North America.
  • Visit a local synagogue of Conservative Judaism. Join your Conservative Judaism community. Learn more about the Conservative Jewish faith by discussing it with members of your community.
  • Practice Conservative Judaism rituals.

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