Decorating the Classroom for Hanukkah

Decorating for Hanukkah is not just limited to homes. We can spread the spirit of the holiday by decorating our offices and for kids, decorating their classrooms. Decorating the classroom for Hanukkah is also a great way to educate children regarding Jewish history and religion.

  • Choose a color theme for your Hanukkah decoration. Generally, Hanukkah color themes are in shades of blue and white but you can use other colors like gold or yellow (the color of the flame and the Hanukkah menorah).
  • Make cut-outs of letters in a colorful cardboard forming the word Hanukkah or Chanukah and post this in your classroom’s wall.
  • Using construction papers draw a Hanukkah menorah and post this inside the classroom. You can also bring a real Hanukkah menorah instead of creating one.
  • Put some dreidels into your classroom. A dreidel is a popular Jewish game played during Hanukkah. The children will surely have fun playing dreidel while at the same time getting a feel of their Jewish heritage.
  • Using empty bottles create colorful oil displays. Oil played a significant part in the Hanukkah celebration and creating a craft with an oil theme is a great way to show the kids a beautiful symbol of Hanukkah.

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