How to Observe Passover

Passover is one of the most important Jewish holidays. It is during this time of the year that we celebrate the freedom that God gave to ancient Jews from slavery in Egypt through the prophet Moses. Passover starts at sundown on the 15th of Nisan and ends on the 22nd.  It is an eight days celebration but is celebrated for seven days in Israel.

  • Prepare your house for Passover. Remove chametz or leavened food from your home. You should also remove all food that were prepared before Passover. Only special meals cooked for Passover should be eaten on this day.
  • Since Passover is a special holiday, it is time to use beautiful and special glasses, silverware, plates and other utensils. Many Jewish families reserve special utensils to be used only during Passover celebration.
  • It is a great time to read the book of Exodus to your children. Go to a synagogue and speak with the rabbi. Discuss Passover with your Jewish friends. Learn the essence of celebrating Passover.
  • If you are the first born son in your family, you should fast a day prior to the Passover celebration. This is done in remembrance of the firstborn Jewish sons who were not killed when God sent the final plaque in Egypt.
  • Refrain from working during the first and last day of Passover. Devote the entire holiday to prayer and rejoicing.
  • Attend two seders during the first two nights of Passover.
  • Eat chametz-free food during the entire Passover week.

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