How to Clean the House for Passover

Preparations for Passover usually take a full month. Part of the preparation is to make sure that the entire house is free of chametz. Cleaning for Passover can be a big task but early planning and organized cleaning will make this task easier.

  • Clean all areas of the house where chametz can possibly be found. Check the kitchen, kids’ rooms, even the pockets of your coats and pants. Once the room is chametz-free, it is called Pesachdik.
  • Pour hot water over the dining room and kitchen table and scrub it with soap and water. Scour the sink and counters with hot water. Cover the table with cloth until Passover.
  • Check on your food stocks. Remove all leavened items (flour, bread or biscuits). Clean the entire refrigerator and remove all traces of chametz.
  • It is part of Jewish tradition to burn unleavened and non-kosher items during Passover. Create a bonfire of these items in a safe area outside your house.
  • Many traditional Jews use special dishes and silverwares used only for Passover.  Keep utensils that you use everyday.
  • Scrub the floor and windows. Change the curtains. Perform your regular cleaning rituals.

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