How to Guide Your Child in Saying the Jewish Blessings

There is nothing more rewarding for a Jewish parent than to see his child observe the Jewish faith. One way to train your child to be an obedient Jew is to teach him say the Jewish blessings. The key to teaching a child to say Jewish blessings is to have lots of patience and to set your example.

  • Make it a habit to say appropriate blessing aloud before meals. One of the most basic ways to teach a child is to make it habitual for them to hear the blessings.
  • Ask your child to say the blessing by repeating after you.
  • Buy children’s books that discuss the Jewish blessings.
  • Explain to your child the importance of saying blessing before meals. It will be easier for children to learn saying the blessing when they understand the essence of doing this.
  • Give positive reinforcement to your child. Some parents give rewards to their children for saying the blessing properly.

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