Healthy Jewish Cooking

Food plays an important role in Jewish tradition. Jewish cuisine is best known for its richness and influence from different cultures. Most Jewish food served nowadays are rich in fat which when consumed in large amounts can pose many health risks. Judaism requires us to maintain good health. In Deuteronomy 4:15, God commands us to be extremely protective of our lives, “Be extremely protective of your lives.” It is very important to take care of our health and one way to do this is to eat healthy Jewish food.

  • Eat Jewish food in moderation. Anything that is eaten excessively is bad for our health. Limit your intake of fats, sugar and salt.
  • When cooking, use fat-free cooking oil to minimize the fat and cholesterol content of the dish.
  • Look for Jewish recipes which are low in fat as well as some practical guides in keeping kosher.
  • Lessen your meat intake. Eat foods that are rich in vegetables. Instead of meat, opt for kosher tofu or fish.

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