The Farbrengen: Planning for a Joyous Chassidic Gathering

Wondering how to host a Farbrengen? A farbrengen (joyous gathering) is a Chassidic gathering that involves discussions of Torah concepts, lively music and a lovely meal. Here’s how to plan for a special Farbrengen.

  • Plan the venue. Choose a bigger venue to make sure that you have enough space for unexpected visitors.
  • Look for a speaker. Schedule a good speaker who is knowledgeable with the Torah and Judaism principles. It is important to schedule the speaker ahead of time.
  • Plan the menu. A  Farbrengen meal usually consists of bread, chips and dips, fruits, cakes and salted pretzels.
  • Choose the songs that you can play in between speeches.
  • Purchase drinks for L’chaim. You can buy vodka, wine or other sweet liquors.
  • Promote the event.  Call or email friends. Have the Farbrengen publicized over local radio stations or on newspapers to ensure high attendance.

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