How to Organize a Tu Bishvat Seder

A Tu Bishvat Seder is a fun way to celebrate Tu Bishvat. This is similar to the Pesach (Passover) Seder. This tradition started during the Middle Ages. The concept of Tu Bishvat Seder is to eat ten specific fruits and to drink four specific cup of wines in a particular order. Tu Bishvat is a celebration of the trees and their fruits, and for thanking God for providing us with fruit-bearing trees. Reciting the blessings for this holiday will bring us closer to our creator and will give redemption to all of humanity. Tu Bishvat is a day of  committing ourselves to taking care of the environment.

  • First, choose a location for the seder and start inviting your guests. If possible, plan your seder early.
  • Plan the menu. Make sure to include nuts, fruits and wines. Serve pomegranates, dates, olives, grapes, wheat and figs. Buy some kosher wines.
  • Prepare four glasses of kosher wine. Grape juice can also be used. The first cup of wine should compose of white wine; the second should be two third white and one third red; the third cup one third white and two third red; the fourth should be all red.
  • Decorate your seder venue. A nature theme is perfect for this occasion. You can adorn the venue with vines and fruits. You can also post pictures of trees and plants on the wall.
  • Discuss issues connected with the celebration of Tu Bishvat.  The seder is a good way to be grateful of the bounty that we often neglect and to nurture the gift of nature.

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