How to Choose Kosher Wine for Hanukkah

Looking for a Kosher wine to go with your Hanukkah celebration? Picking a kosher wine for Hanukkah is easy with the wide array of Kosher wine choices available these days.  From dark, rich reds to fruity white wines, the choices are endless. Here are some things to remember when choosing your Kosher wine.

  1. It is best to buy wines from Kosher wineries. Consult a rabbi or ask for references from friends to save time.
  2. It is best to choose wines made in Israel. Wines produced in Israel are almost always Kosher because of the dominance of the Jewish population in this region. Check the label to make sure that the wine is Kosher.
  3. Learn to distinguish inferior wines.  Look for misspelled or poorly printed labels. Check the clearness and clarity of the wine you will pick.
  4. The notion that the more expensive the wine, the better the quality is not always true. The fact is, most wines, whether a $200 Cabernet Sauvignon or a $40 Pinot are often comparable in taste.
  5. Choose wines that will complement your menu. Red wine goes well with any kind of red meat. Serve white wine with fish or chicken.
  6. If you are to celebrate Hanukkah at a friend’s home, ask what kind of Kosher wine he enjoys best. Some varieties of Kosher wines are readily available in local shops making it more convenient for you to grab one on your way over.

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