How to Make Your Own Tallit

A tallit is a shawl worn during prayer. Construction of a tallit is very easy and requires only minimal sewing.

  • A tallit is traditionally made of wool or silk. There are no rules in choosing the right fabric for tallit. Make sure though that your tallit is not made of fabric combining wool and linen as it is forbidden in the Torah.
  • Cut your fabric according to your desired size.  The tallit should not be wider than the distance from your neck to your knees.
  • Sew the edges and put small cotton lining to make sure that the fabric does not ravel. Design the body of your tallit by means of embroidery or hand painting.
  • Sew the atarah at the top edge of the fabric. Embroider the collar with the blessing for the mitzvah of tallit.
  • Create buttonholes for the tzitzit.
  • Tie the tzitzit into the buttonholes. You can buy a pack of tzitzit in Judaica shops. Instructions in attaching the tzitzit are usually included in the package.

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